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EUSIPCO 2018: Call for Proposals
This is a Call for Proposals for the 26th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2018) to be held in late August/early September 2018. EUSIPCO is sponsored by the European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP), founded on September 1, 1978 to “improve communication between groups and individuals that work within the multidisciplinary, fast growing field of Signal Processing in Europe and elsewhere, and to exchange and disseminate information in the field all over the world”.

EUSIPCO is a learned and professional platform for dissemination and discussion of all aspects of signal processing. It features plenaries, tutorials, and lecture and poster sessions.

Proposals should include the following items:
  • Proposed dates in 2018;
  • Organizing committee members, including biographic information;
  • A budget, which includes anticipated financial and in-kind support;
  • Comprehensive information about the location and what it has to offer.
Proposals should be submitted to the EURASIP Events Coordinator who will advise at which EUSIPCO conference, proposals will be presented to the EURASIP Board of Directors.
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EURASIP Journals Published by Elsevier: Key Editorial Figures
Elsevier is pleased to report that 2013 saw very positive progression for the three EURASIP titles, across the board, in the following areas:

Growth in papers
In the last 12 months, Signal Processing saw a 13.1 % increase in submissions (1631 articles) and a 19.7 % increase in accepted articles (376). Speech Communication has seen a decrease in submitted papers, down 12 % (224 articles), but with accepted papers remaining steady. Signal Processing: Image Communication has seen an increase of 19.4 % in submitted articles (449) and a 16.9 % increase in accepted papers (97 articles).

Article usage
Downloads for Signal Processing (464,000) have increased by 50,000 compared to 2012. In 2013, Signal Processing: Image Communication has increased by 25,000 to 127,216 full text articles, Speech Communication has again remained steady at approximately 180,000 articles. It may be useful to know that individual authors can sign up to receive alerts as to the usage of their published papers, when they publish in these journals.

Impact Factors and other metrics
On the whole, performance in Impact has been very good, especially given the positive growth in papers over the last few years. Signal Processing's Impact Factor increased for the 3rd successive year to 1.851, Speech Communication's also rose to 1.283. There was a slight dip in the impact of Signal Processing: Image Communication, which saw a minor drop from 1.485 to 1.286.
However, it is understood that Impact Factors do not always paint a full picture of a journal's performance. With this in mind, Elsevier has for some time, encouraged the use of alternative metrics with which to assist authors and readers. Examples of these are the SNIP, SJR and 5 Year Impact Factor. As well as these, we are now advertising publication speeds and geographical spread of authors as part of a journal homepage feature called Journal Insights. The aim of these is to present a holistic picture of the journal's performance to a potential author or reader.

Peer review developments
Editorial speeds are becoming increasingly competitive. Provided timely revision of 1st reviewed manuscripts takes place, authors can now expect a final decision within an average 5 months on Signal Processing and 6 on Signal Processing: Image Communication and an average of 7 Months for Speech Communication. The Editors and their respective boards remain committed to bringing these times down even further.
As well as review times, we are extremely focused on improving other elements of author experience. For example, we have developed new policies for article submission which will look to assist the author with simpler manuscript preparation guidelines. This service will have been rolled out across the 3 journals within the coming 12 months.
Furthermore, we are continually developing the functionality for the journals' homepages, in order to aid the transfer of knowledge for readers and authors, respectively. In Speech Communication, for example, authors can now choose to submit an accompanying audio presentation with their published paper. We are also very interested to provide linking options to relevant open databases, and investigate any additional content innovation suitable and useful for the online articles and journal homepages. EURASIP members are most welcome to provide suggestions to that end.
Finally, on behalf of Elsevier, I wish to extend the sincerest thanks to all the editorial board members and reviewers, both from within EURASIP and outside, who have provided such an excellent service to the journals in 2013 and continue to do so into 2014. Elsevier would like to extend our extra special thanks to the Editors in Chief of the journals (below) and to EURASIP for its continued support for the publications. Onwards and upwards!

Bernd Moebius, EiC Björn Ottersten, EiC Frederic Dufaux, EiC
Speech Communication Signal Processing Signal Processing: Image Communication
contributed by Adam Wheeler, Elsevier Senior Publisher, and Jean-Luc Dugelay, EURASIP Publications Chair back to top
Call for PhD Thesis Submission and Best PhD Thesis Award
EURASIP created and maintains a database of PhD manuscripts at, which is one of the world's largest in the area of signal processing. The database also keeps tracks of monthly downloads and publishes regularly in its page the 10 top downloaded theses.

Every year a committee of experts nominated by the EURASIP BoD selects up to three theses related to different areas of signal processing to be awarded. The selection process is based on the evaluation of the impact of the theses, their subsequent journal and conference publications and related citations received, and on the review reports of three independent reviewers as well as on the download statistics. The download statistics are instrumental only in forming a short-list of the top 20 theses.

In order to select the 20xx best PhD theses, the temporal window of the years 20xx-5 through 20xx-3 is considered. The awards will be presented during the Awards Ceremony at EUSIPCO 20xx. Each award consists of a certificate and of a travelling & accommodation reimbursement of 1K Euros for attending the Awards Ceremony.

If you want to make your PhD thesis available in the EURASIP database and make it eligible for the Best PhD Thesis Award, please visit the site and upload your thesis.
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Calendar of EURASIP Co-Sponsored Events
Event organizers who wish to apply for EURASIP co-sponsorship should send an e-mail to the EURASIP Events Coordinator, containing the following information: (1) Name of the conference/workshop, (2) Place and dates, (3) Previous editions of the conference/workshop, (4) Previous co-sponsorship, (5) Expected number of attendees, (6) Names of plenary speakers, (7) A rationale as to why EURASIP should sponsor the conference/workshop.
Name & Link Date Location
IWSSIP 2014, International Conference on Systems, Signals and Image Processing May 12-15, 2014 Dubrovnik, Croatia
SAM 2014, 8th IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Workshop June 22-25, 2014 Coruña, Spain
ICISP 2014, International Conference on Image and Signal Processing June 30 - July 2, 2014 Cherbourg, Normandy, France
CSNDSP 2014, 9th IEEE/IET International Symposium on Communication Systems, Networks and Digital Signal Processing July 23-25, 2014 Manchester, UK
DSP 2014, 19th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing Aug. 20-23, 2014 Hong Kong, China
ISWCS 2014, 11th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems
(Paper submission deadline: May 9, 2014)
Aug. 26-29, 2014 Barcelona, Spain
EUSIPCO 2014, 22nd European Signal Processing Conference Sept. 1-5, 2014 Lisbon, Portugal
EDERC 2014, Embedded Design in Education & Research Conference
(Paper submission deadline: May 26, 2014)
Sept. 11-12, 2014 Milano, Italy
IPTA 2014, 4th International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications
(Paper submission deadline: May 5, 2014)
Oct. 14-17, 2014 Paris, France
EUVIP 2014, 5th European Workshop on Visual Information Processing
(Paper submission deadline: May 30, 2014)
Dec. 10-12, 2014 Paris, France
ICPRAM 2015, 4th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods
(Paper submission deadline: Jul. 29, 2014)
Jan. 10-12, 2015 Lisbon, Portugal
BIOSIGNALS 2015, 8th International Conference on Bio-Inspired Systems and Signal Processing
(Paper submission deadline: Jul. 29, 2014)
Jan. 12-15, 2015 Lisbon, Portugal
PECCS 2015, 5th International Conference on Pervasive and Embedded Computing and Communication Systems
(Paper submission deadline: Sep. 9, 2014)
Feb. 11-13, 2015 Angers, France
EUSIPCO 2015, 23rd European Signal Processing Conference
(Paper submission deadline: Feb. 13, 2015)
Aug. 31 - Sep. 4, 2015 Nice, France
RFID 2015, 5th International EURASIP Workshop on RFID Technology
(Paper submission deadline: May 29, 2015)
Oct. 22-23, 2015 Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany
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EURASIP Seminars
Upcoming Seminars Date Location
Multilingual automatic speech recognition (Keynote @ SLTU 2014)
by Satoshi Nakamura
May 14-16 2014 SPIIRAS, St. Petersburg, Russia
Signal processing for anomaly detection
by Josef Kittler)
Jul. 8, 2014 Frascati, Italy
Pattern Recognition: Principles and Beyond
by Sergios Theodoridis)
Jul. 11, 2014 Frascati, Italy
Reports and technical presentations of past EURASIP Seminars can be found on the EURASIP Seminars webpage.
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Open Special Issues of EURASIP Journals
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing Deadline
Advanced signal processing techniques and telecommunications network infrastructures for Smart Grid analysis, monitoring and management Oct. 30, 2014
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking Deadline
Technical Advances in the Design and Deployment of Future Heterogeneous Networks Jun. 30, 2014
Dynamic Spectrum Access for Throughput, Delay, and Fairness Enhancement In Cognitive Radio Networks Aug. 15, 2014
Wireless Communications and Networking Technology towards Intelligent Internet of Vehicles Aug. 30, 2014
EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing Deadline
Large Scale Learning for Media Understanding Dec. 31, 2014
EURASIP Journal on Information Security Deadline
Advances in Digital Forensics Jul. 25, 2014
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Recently submitted Ph.D. Theses in EURASIP Library
Author Title & Link University Supervisors Publication Year
Seco-Granados, Gonzalo Antenna Arrays for Multipath and Interference Mitigation in GNSS Receivers Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya Juan A. Fernández-Rubio 2000
Muma, Michael Robust Estimation and Model Order Selection for Signal Processing Technische Universität Darmstadt Abdelhak M. Zoubir, Visa Koivunen 2014
Arablouei, Reza Reduced-Complexity Adaptive Filtering Techniques for Communications Applications University of South Australia Kutluyıl Doğançay 2013
Vandeput, Steven Heart rate variability : linear and nonlinear analysis with applications in human physiology KU Leuven Sabine Van Huffel, André Aubert 2010
Deburchgraeve, Wouter Development of an automated neonatal EEG seizure monitor KU Leuven Sabine Van Huffel 2010
Taelman, Joachim Analysis of electrophysiological measurements during stress monitoring KU Leuven Sabine Van Huffel, Arthur Spaepen 2011
Osorio Garcia, Maria Isabel Advanced signal processing for magnetic resonance spectroscopy KU Leuven Sabine Van Huffel, Uwe Himmelreich, Diana Sima 2011
Vanderperren, Katrien Improving data-driven EEG-FMRI analyses for the study of cognitive functioning KU Leuven Sabine Van Huffel 2011
Croitor Sava, Anca Ramona Signal processing and classification for magnetic resonance spectroscopic data with clinical applications KU Leuven Sabine Van Huffel, Diana Sima 2011
Cuppens, Kris Detection of epileptic seizures based on video and accelerometer recordings KU Leuven Bart Vanrumste, Sabine Van Huffel 2012
Cleju, Nicolae Contributions to signal analysis and processing using compressed sensing techniques "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iasi Liviu Goraş 2012
Gerberding, Oliver Phase readout for satellite interferometry Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics & Leibniz Universität Hannover Karsten Danzmann, Gerhard Heinzel 2014
Geronazzo, Michele Mixed structural models for 3D audio in virtual environments University of Padova Federico Avanzini 2014
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Job Posts
EURASIP encourages employers to post open research positions in Signal Processing on the EURASIP Job Site.
Open positions will be continuously accessible online and will be advertised monthly in the EURASIP Newsletter.
Open Positions Institution Location Closing Date
Postdoc position in Perceptual Impact and Objective Measures of (De)reverberation Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg Oldenburg, Germany May 15, 2014
2 PhDs and 2 Post-docs CNRS Saint-Martin-d'Hères, France Jul. 13, 2014
PhD in Audiovisual Source Separation Grenoble University Grenoble, France Sep. 1, 2014
3 Early Stage Researcher (ESR) positions at University of Nantes (France) in the Initial Training Network PROVISION University of Nantes Nantes, France Dec. 31, 2014
2 Early Stage Researcher (ESR) positions in the Marie Curie Initial Training Network PROVISION in the field of Video Compression University of Nantes Nantes, France Dec. 31, 2014
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