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EURASIP Fellows - Call for Nominations
The EURASIP fellowship programme recognizes outstanding achievements of its members and volunteers. Each year, a select group of up to four European signal processing researchers are elevated to EURASIP Fellow, the Association's most prestigious honour. Fellowships are awarded with a citation of the form “for contributions to …”, i.e. referring to a major long-term contribution to a technical field.

How to Submit Nominations

Any EURASIP member can nominate a colleague to be elevated to Fellow grade. Nominations should be submitted to the EURASIP Awards chair by e-mail ( The nomination form can be downloaded from the EURASIP website here.

The deadline is October 31st of every year. The Board of Directors encourages you to share this information with your colleagues.
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EURASIP PhD Summer School in Radar Signal Processing
The first EURASIP PhD Summer School will be held on 8-12 September 2014 in Pisa (Italy) and will focus on Radar Signal Processing. The School aims to providing PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, and young scientists with the unique opportunity to meet and learn from leading experts about the most advanced signal processing techniques applied in radar systems for remote sensing, target classification and surveillance.

The School will be held at the “Hotel Casale La Sterpaia”, located in the beautiful San Rossore Park, Pisa, Italy ( During the five-day program, eight senior researchers and industry representatives will give lectures on passive radars, SAR, cognitive radar systems, target recognition and tracking. Furthermore, one afternoon will be dedicated to the presentation of student’s research activities and another afternoon to the description of a project assignment.

More information can be found in the flyer of the summer school, and soon also on the summer school webpage.
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Calendar of EURASIP Co-Sponsored Events
Event organizers who wish to apply for EURASIP co-sponsorship should send an e-mail to the EURASIP Events Coordinator, containing the following information: (1) Name of the conference/workshop, (2) Place and dates, (3) Previous editions of the conference/workshop, (4) Previous co-sponsorship, (5) Expected number of attendees, (6) Names of plenary speakers, (7) A rationale as to why EURASIP should sponsor the conference/workshop.
Reports of past EURASIP co-sponsored events can be found on the 'Past Conferences' webpage.
Name & Link Date Location
The Eight IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Workshop (SAM 2014) June 22-25, 2014 Coruña, Spain
International Conference on Image and Signal Processing (ICISP 2014) June 30-July 2, 2014 Cherbourg, Normandy, France
9th IEEE/IET International Symposium on Communication Systems, Networks and Digital Signal Processing July 23-25, 2014 Manchester, UK
19th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing (DSP 2014) Aug. 20-23, 2014 Hong Kong, China
The 11th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS 2014) Aug. 26-29, 2014 Barcelona, Spain
The 22nd European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2014) Sept. 1-5, 2014 Lisbon, Portugal
Embedded Design in Education & Research Conference (EDERC2014) Sept. 11-12, 2014 Milano, Italy
The 4th International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications (IPTA 2014) Oct. 14-17, 2014 Paris, France
5th European Workshop on Visual Information Processing Dec. 10-12, 2014 Paris, France
4th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods (ICPRAM 2015) Jan. 10-12, 2015 Lisbon, Portugal
8th International Conference on Bio-Inspired Systems and Signal Processing (BIOSIGNALS 2015) Jan. 12-15, 2015 Lisbon, Portugal
5th International Conference on Pervasive and Embedded Computing and Communication Systems (PECCS 2015) Feb. 11-13, 2015 Angers, France
The 23rd European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2015) Aug. 31-Sep. 4, 2015 Nice, France
The 5th International EURASIP Workshop on RFID Technology (RFID 2015) Oct. 22-23, 2015 Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany
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EURASIP Seminars
Upcoming Seminars Date Location
Signal processing for anomaly detection
(by Prof. Josef Kittler)
8 July 2014 Frascati, Italy
Pattern Recognition: Principles and Beyond
(by Prof. Sergios Theodoridis)
11 July 2014 Frascati, Italy
Reports and technical presentations of past EURASIP Seminars can be found on the EURASIP Seminars webpage.
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Open Special Issues of EURASIP Journals
Signal Processing: Image Communication Deadline
Recent Advances in Vision Modeling for Image and Video Processing
Sept. 30, 2014
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing Deadline
Special Issue on Sparse Sensing in Radar and Sonar Signal Processing July 1, 2014
Advanced signal processing techniques and telecommunications network infrastructures for Smart Grid analysis, monitoring and management Oct. 30, 2014
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking Deadline
Technical Advances in the Design and Deployment of Future Heterogeneous Networks Jun. 30, 2014
Dynamic Spectrum Access for Throughput, Delay, and Fairness Enhancement In Cognitive Radio Networks Aug. 15, 2014
Wireless Communications and Networking Technology towards Intelligent Internet of Vehicles Aug. 30, 2014
Energy Harvesting Wireless Communications Sept. 20, 2014
Experimental Evaluation in Wireless Communications Oct. 31, 2014
EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing Deadline
Large Scale Learning for Media Understanding Dec. 31, 2014
EURASIP Journal on Information Security Deadline
Advances in Digital Forensics Jul. 25, 2014
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Recently Published Special Issues of EURASIP Journals
Signal Processing Issue
Image Restoration and Enhancement: Recent Advances and Applications
Edited by Ling Shao, Xinbo Gao and Houqiang Li
Oct. 2014
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Recently submitted Ph.D. Theses in EURASIP Library
Author Title & Link University Supervisors Publication Year
Sluciak, Ondrej Convergence Analysis of Distributed Consensus Algorithms Vienna University of Technology Markus Rupp 2013
Kelly, Finnian Automatic Recognition of Ageing Speakers Trinity College Dublin Naomi Harte 2014
Marinescu, Radu-Sebastian Best Signal Selection with Automatic Delay Compensation in VoIP Environment University Politehnica of Bucharest Corneliu Burileanu 2013
Hellbourg, Gregory Radio Frequency Interference spatial processing for modern radio telescopes CNRS, ASTRON, Laboratoire PRISME Rachid Harba, Gilles Theureau, Rodolphe Weber, Albert-Jan Boonstra, Cecile Capdessus, Karim Abed-Meraim 2014
Gorlow, Stanislaw Reverse Audio Engineering for Active Listening and Other Applications Université Bordeaux 1 Sylvain Marchand 2014
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Job Posts
EURASIP encourages employers to post open research positions in Signal Processing on the EURASIP Job Site.
Open positions will be continuously accessible online and will be advertised monthly in the EURASIP Newsletter.
Open Positions Institution Location Closing Date
Ph.D. Thesis on Information Theory and Multimodality GIPSA-lab, CNRS and Univ. of Grenoble joint unit Saint-Martin-d'Hères, France June 13, 2014
Postdoc position in Perceptual Impact and Objective Measures of (De)reverberation Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg Oldenburg, Germany June 15, 2014
Industrial PhD position in adaptive beamforming for speech and audio enhancement NXP Software & KU Leuven Leuven, Belgium June 15, 2014
2 PhDs and 2 Post-docs CNRS Saint-Martin-d'Hères, France Jul. 13, 2014
PhD in Audiovisual Source Separation Grenoble University Grenoble, France Sep. 1, 2014
3 Early Stage Researcher (ESR) positions at University of Nantes (France) in the Initial Training Network PROVISION University of Nantes Nantes, France Dec. 31, 2014
2 Early Stage Researcher (ESR) positions in the Marie Curie Initial Training Network PROVISION in the field of Video Compression University of Nantes Nantes, France Dec. 31, 2014
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