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SPS-EURASIP Partnership Announcement
The IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) and the European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP) are proud to announce their new partnership, benefitting the signal processing community!

Since 1948, SPS has striven to provide the highest quality publications, conferences, technical and educational activities, and leadership opportunities to signal processing professionals worldwide. EURASIP was established in 1978 as a means of improving the communication, exchange, and dissemination of information and research among signal processing professionals in Europe and beyond. With SPS’ global reach and EURASIP’s strong European presence, this partnership aims to achieve improved service from both organizations.

The agreement allows SPS and EURASIP to support one another by way of co-sponsorship of EUSIPCO, co-sponsorship of seasonal schools held in Europe, sharing of Distinguished Lecturers, and more. We look forward to further strengthening of the relationship among SPS, EURASIP, and the global community of signal processing professionals.

For more information about SPS, visit their website at
For more information about EURASIP, visit their website at
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EURASIP Society Awards - Call for Nominations
Each year, EURASIP recognizes technical and professional achievements through its celebrated EURASIP Awards Program. As part of the organization’s overall mission to advance signal processing as a science and a profession, EURASIP’s Board of Directors annually evaluates the contributions of candidates for various awards that span a spectrum of professional and technological accomplishments.

EURASIP Members are invited to nominate candidates for EURASIP Society Awards that fall into the following categories:
  • Meritorious Service Award
  • Group Technical Achievement Award
  • Technical Achievement Award
  • Athanasios Papoulis Award.
For additional information on the scope and criteria for these awards, please visit the EURASIP website at The website also gives details of the nomination process and copies of the nomination forms can be downloaded. A listing of previous award recipients with their award citations is also available on the EURASIP Awards webpage.

Please submit nominations to the EURASIP Awards chair, Patrick Naylor, by e-mail ( The deadline for nominations is 31st December 2014.

We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues and peers.
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Calendar of EURASIP Co-Sponsored Events
Event organizers who wish to apply for EURASIP co-sponsorship should send an e-mail to the EURASIP Events Coordinator, containing the following information: (1) Name of the conference/workshop, (2) Place and dates, (3) Previous editions of the conference/workshop, (4) Previous co-sponsorship, (5) Expected number of attendees, (6) Names of plenary speakers, (7) A rationale as to why EURASIP should sponsor the conference/workshop.
Reports of past EURASIP co-sponsored events can be found on the 'Past Conferences' webpage.
Name & Link Date Location
DSP 2014, 19th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing Aug. 20-23, 2014 Hong Kong, China
ISWCS 2014, 11th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems Aug. 26-29, 2014 Barcelona, Spain
EUSIPCO 2014, 22nd European Signal Processing Conference Sept. 1-5, 2014 Lisbon, Portugal
EDERC 2014, Embedded Design in Education & Research Conference Sept. 11-12, 2014 Milano, Italy
IPTA 2014, 4th International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications Oct. 14-17, 2014 Paris, France
EUVIP 2014, 5th European Workshop on Visual Information Processing Dec. 10-12, 2014 Paris, France
ICPRAM 2015, 4th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods Jan. 10-12, 2015 Lisbon, Portugal
BIOSIGNALS 2015, 8th International Conference on Bio-Inspired Systems and Signal Processing Jan. 12-15, 2015 Lisbon, Portugal
PECCS 2015, 5th International Conference on Pervasive and Embedded Computing and Communication Systems
(Paper submission deadline: Sep. 9, 2014)
Feb. 11-13, 2015 Angers, France
CoSeRa 2015, 3rd International Workshop on Compressed Sensing Theory and its Applications to Radar, Sonar and Remote Sensing
(Paper submission deadline: Feb. 2, 2015)
June 22-24, 2015 Pisa, Italy
EUSIPCO 2015, 23rd European Signal Processing Conference
(Paper submission deadline: Feb. 13, 2015)
Aug. 31 - Sep. 4, 2015 Nice, France
RFID 2015, 5th International EURASIP Workshop on RFID Technology
(Paper submission deadline: May 29, 2015)
Oct. 22-23, 2015 Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany
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Open Special Issues of EURASIP Journals
Signal Processing Deadline
Multimodal Quality model: New Methods and Applications
Sept. 7, 2014
Signal Processing: Image Communication Deadline
Recent Advances in Vision Modeling for Image and Video Processing
Sept. 30, 2014
Recent Advances in Saliency Models, Applications and Evaluations
Nov. 30, 2014
Aesthetically-Aware Image and Video Analysis
Jan. 1, 2015
Speech Communication Deadline
Advances in Sparse Modeling and Low-rank Modeling for Speech Processing Dec. 1, 2014
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing Deadline
Advanced signal processing techniques and telecommunications network infrastructures for Smart Grid analysis, monitoring and management Oct. 30, 2014
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking Deadline
Wireless Communications and Networking Technology towards Intelligent Internet of Vehicles Aug. 30, 2014
5G Wireless Mobile Technologies Sept. 1, 2014
Energy Harvesting Wireless Communications Sept. 20, 2014
Experimental Evaluation in Wireless Communications Oct. 31, 2014
EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing Deadline
Soft Biometrics: Extraction and Applications based on Images and Videos Oct. 1, 2014
Large Scale Learning for Media Understanding Dec. 20, 2014
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Recently Published Special Issues of EURASIP Journals
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking Issue
Security and Resilience for Smart Devices and Applications
Edited by Damien Sauveron, Konstantinos Markantonakis, and Christos Verikoukis
July 2014
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Recently submitted Ph.D. Theses in EURASIP Library
Author Title & Link University Supervisors Publication Year
Pedroß-Engel, Andreas Generalized Noncoherent Ultra-Wideband Receivers Graz University of Technology Klaus Witrisal 2014
Kose, Neslihan Spoofing and Disguise Variations in Face Recognition EURECOM Jean-Luc Dugelay 2014
Perna, Ivana Cyclic Spectral Analysis of GPS signal University of Naples "Parthenope" Antonio Napolitano 2014
Wohlmayr, Michael Probabilistic Model-Based Multiple Pitch Tracking of Speech Graz University of Technology Franz Pernkopf, Gernot Kubin 2012
Singerl, Peter Complex Baseband Modeling and Digital Predistortion for Wideband RF Power Amplifiers Graz University of Technology Gernot Kubin, Hermann Eul 2006
Krall, Christoph Signal Processing for Ultra Wideband Transceivers Graz University of Technology Gernot Kubin, Ilona Rolfes, Klaus Witirsal 2008
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Job Posts
EURASIP encourages employers to post open research positions in Signal Processing on the EURASIP Job Site.
Open positions will be continuously accessible online and will be advertised monthly in the EURASIP Newsletter.
Open Positions Institution Location Closing Date
Professorship in Optimization for Dynamical Systems and Control KU Leuven Leuven, Belgium Aug. 31, 2014
Postdoc position on interaction of (de)reverberation with other acoustic artefacts/algorithms Aalborg University Aalborg, Denmark Sept. 1, 2014
PhD in Audiovisual Source Separation Grenoble University Grenoble, France Sept. 1, 2014
Postdoc position in Microwave technologies Brno University of Technology Brno, Czech Republic Sept. 12, 2014
Postdoc position on perceptual impact and objective measures of (de)reverberation Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg Oldenburg, Germany Sept. 30, 2014
3 Early Stage Researcher (ESR) positions at University of Nantes (France) in the Initial Training Network PROVISION University of Nantes Nantes, France Dec. 31, 2014
2 Early Stage Researcher (ESR) positions in the Marie Curie Initial Training Network PROVISION in the field of Video Compression University of Nantes Nantes, France Dec. 31, 2014
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