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1st Call Society Award Nominations
Call for SAT member candidates
Call for EURASIP National Representatives Candidates (NRs)
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EURASIP Awards: 1st Call Society Award Nominations

Each year, EURASIP recognizes technical and professional achievements through its celebrated EURASIP Awards Program. As part of the organization’s overall mission to advance signal processing as a science and a profession, EURASIP’s Board of Directors annually evaluates the contributions of candidates for various awards that span a spectrum of professional and technological accomplishments.

EURASIP Members are invited to nominate candidates for EURASIP Society Awards that fall into the following categories:

  • Meritorious Service Award
  • Group Technical Achievement Award
  • Technical Achievement Award
  • Athanasios Papoulis Award
  • Early Career Award
For additional information on the scope and criteria for these awards, please visit the EURASIP website at The website also gives details of the nomination process and copies of the nomination forms can be downloaded. A listing of previous award recipients with their award citations is also available on the EURASIP Awards webpage.

Please submit nominations to the EURASIP Awards Director, Kostas Berberidis, by e-mail ( The deadline for nominations is December 31, 2018.

We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues and peers.

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Call for SAT member candidates
The main objective of the EURASIP Special Area Teams (SAT) is to facilitate the interaction and communication of EURASIP members in a specific scientific area, notably by sharing knowledge and visions, discussing trends, spreading information about innovations, creating ties, facilitating collaboration beyond EURASIP, and organizing meetings and events. There are currently 8 SAT in diverse technical areas, please see

Before the end of 2018, all SAT will organize elections for new SAT members with the goal of renewing its membership. New SAT members are elected by the current SAT members after proposal by a current SAT member for a term of 3 years, which may be renewed only once.

All signal processing experts who would like to be SAT member candidates for the next elections are kindly requested to contact the relevant SAT Chair, please see, who should provide the precise information for the next election process of that specific SAT. It is not a strong requirement that SAT member candidates are EURASIP members but this is much recommended.

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Call for EURASIP National Representatives Candidates (NRs)
EURASIP L-Com is composed of National Representatives (NRs) and chaired by the Membership Development Director of EURASIP. The goals of L-Com are to coordinate and stimulate local EURASIP activities and to promote EURASIP at the national level. Please see EURASIP website for more information.

National Representatives are appointed by the EURASIP Board of Directors each year in December. Potential candidates can be nominated by any EURASIP member or self-nominated. The nomination process is to send a short biography by email to the Membership Development Director of EURASIP for more information.

The deadline for nominations to be received is November 30th each year. The term of appointment for National Representatives is 3 calendar years and can only be renewed once. Retiring NRs can be nominated again after a minimum of 1 year has elapsed since their retirement.

NRs from European countries are expected to participate at least every other year, in person, at the annual L-Com meeting held at EUSIPCO.

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Call for Special Issues in EURASIP Journals
EURASIP has a significant journal portfolio, including open access (by SpringerOpen) as well as toll access journals (by Elsevier). All journals are soliciting special issue proposals on timely topics from leading experts.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please contact the EURASIP publication director or one of the Editor-in-Chiefs for further information.

Alle-Jan van der Veen
Publication Director

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2018 EURASIP Journal Impact Factors
Journal Impact Factors are published each summer by Clarivate Analytics (previously Thomson Reuters). The 2018 impact factors are based on citations in 2017 to articles published in 2015-2016.
We are happy to see a continued growth in impact factor for the EURASIP-sponsored journals.

Signal Processing: Image Communication

Impact Factor: 2,07
EURASIP J. on Image and Video Processing

Impact Factor: 1,737
Speech Communication

Impact Factor: 1,585
EURASIP J. on Audio, Speech and Music Processing

Impact Factor: 3,057
Signal Processing

Impact Factor: 3,47
EURASIP J. on Advances in Signal Processing

Impact Factor: 1,639

EURASIP J. on Wireless Communications and Networking

Impact Factor: 2,407
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Calendar of EURASIP Co-Sponsored Events
Event organizers who wish to apply for EURASIP co-sponsorship should send an e-mail to the EURASIP Events Director, containing the following information: (1) Name of the conference/workshop, (2) Place and dates, (3) Previous editions of the conference/workshop, (4) Previous co-sponsorship, (5) Expected number of attendees, (6) Names of plenary speakers, (7) A rationale as to why EURASIP should sponsor the conference/workshop.
Reports of past EURASIP co-sponsored events can be found on the 'Past Conferences' webpage.
Name & Link Date Location
EUSIPCO 2018, 26th European Signal Processing Conference
Sep. 3-7, 2018 Rome, Italy
CBMI 2018, International Conference on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing Sep. 4-6, 2018 La Rochelle, France
STATOS 2018, STATOS Thematic Workshop 2018: Graph Signal Processing Sep. 7, 2018 Rome, Italy
CoSeRa 2018, 5th International Workshop on Compressed Sensing applied to Radar, Multimodal Sensing,and Imaging Sep. 10-13, 2018 Siegen, Germany
EURASIP RFID 2018 Workshop Sep. 11-12, 2018 Brno, Czech Republic
IWSLS2 2018, 2nd International Workshop on Link- and System Level Simulations Sep. 11-12, 2018 Vienna, Austria
EUVIP 2018, 7th European Workshop on Visual Information Processing Nov. 26-28, 2018 Tampre, Finland
IWSSIP 2019, 26th International Conference on Systems, Signals and Image Processing June 5-7, 2019 Osijek, Croatia,
EUSIPCO 2019, 27th European Signal Processing Conference
(Paper submission deadline: Feb 18, 2019)
Sep. 2-6, 2019 Coruña, Spain,
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EURASIP Seasonal Schools

The EURASIP BoD welcomes proposals from prospective organizers of seasonal schools. For more information, click here.
Name & Link Date Location
EURASIP/ IEEE Summer School on Signal Processing (S3P 2018) Sep. 10-14, 2018 San Vincenzo, Italy
Reports of past EURASIP Seasonal Schools can be found on the Seasonal Schools webpage.
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Open Special Issues of EURASIP Journals
If you are interested in organizing a special issue in one of the EURASIP journals, please contact the editor in chief of the journal.
Signal Processing: Image Communication Deadline
Advanced Deep Learning for Image Super-Resolution
Oct. 31, 2018
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking Deadline
Advances in Optimization or Designs for Energy Efficient Internet of Things: Technologies, Algorithms, and Communication Protocols Oct. 1, 2018
U5Gwireless - Innovative Architectures, Wireless Technologies and Tools for High Capacity and Sustainable 5G Ultra-Dense Cellular Networks Nov. 1, 2018
Ultra-Reliable-and-Available Low-Latency Communications for 5G/B5G-enabled IoT Dec. 1, 2018
Smart Cyber-Physical Systems Mar. 1, 2019
EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing Deadline
Modeling and Representation for Big Visual Data Oct. 30, 2018
Visual information learning and analytics on cross-media big data Nov. 1, 2018
EURASIP Journal on Information Security Deadline
Recent Advances in Software Security Oct. 21, 2018
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Recently Published Special Issues of EURASIP Journals
EURASIP Journal on Information Security Issue
Cybersecurity: Trends, Issues, and Challenges
Edited by Krzysztof Cabaj, Wojciech Mazurczyk, Warsaw, Zbigniew Kotulski and Bogdan Księżopolski
Jul. 2018
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Job Posts
EURASIP encourages employers to post open research positions in Signal Processing on the EURASIP Job Site.
Open positions will be continuously accessible online and will be advertised monthly in the EURASIP Newsletter.
Open Positions Institution Location Closing Date
Post-doctoral position in Computer Vision for small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles EURECOM, dept. of Digital Security Sophia Antipolis, France Sep. 1, 2018
PhD in Biomedical signal processing Grenoble Institute of Technology, University Grenoble Alpes Grenoble, France Dec. 31, 2018
A Ph.D. research position on multi-service wireless networks KU Leuven Leuven, Belgium Sept. 15, 2018
Postgraduate Research Associates Ilmenau University of Technology (TU Ilmenau) Martinroda, Germany/td> Sept. 30
Postdoc Position in the Domain of EEG-BASED Brain-Computer Interfaces KU Leuven Leuven, Belgium Nov. 30
Ph.D. within ERC project on signal processing algorithm design for next-generation neuro-sensor technology KU Leuven Leuven, Belgium Nov. 30
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