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President’s Message: Welcome to New Members
EURASIP Awards: 2nd Call Society Award Nominations
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President’s Message: Welcome to New Members
Let me start with a warm 'thank you' to everyone who made EUSIPCO 2019 in A Coruna, Spain, a great success - not only the organizers but also everyone who participated. By registering for EUSIPCO you also enjoy a new (or renewed) membership of EURASIP for the coming year. Welcome (back)! Thank you for engaging with EURASIP and supporting the Association's activities.

Your membership benefits are wide-ranging and valuable. Please take a look at for details. As a highlight, I wish to mention the 10% discount on Open Access publication charges in our EURASIP-SpringerOpen journals. EURASIP members are entitled to this discount by entering the code TC00888044 at the end of the submission process when prompted for a SpringerOpen membership account number.

EURASIP continues to innovate with new initiatives. Internally, the associations Technical Area Board is now well established, as are the Technical Area Committees. These bodies have responsibility for EURASIP's technical leadership of signal processing in Europe and beyond. Externally, EURASIP seasonal schools are growing in number, as are our workshops and seminars. Several EURASIP events are now being organized jointly with the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) as part of the joint Memorandum of Understanding between the two organizations. A comprehensive list of seasonal schools and other events is posted on the EURASIP webpage. I want to extend an invitation to you to organize a seasonal school in your area of expertise or to encourage your colleagues to do so. Such schools are an invaluable resource, not only for graduate students but also for research engineers and established researchers. They offer the chance to discover new and emerging areas or deepen knowledge in an established area of signal processing research and applications. EURASIP has a scheme to provide financial support for events of this type. For more details, please visit the webpage.

I'm delighted that our 3-Minute Thesis (3MT) competition was such a success this year. Held at EUSIPCO each year, it is a chance for PhD students to present their work in, you guessed it(!), 3 minutes. The winner receives a prize of 1000 Euros. Because of the very high standard of entries this year, EURASIP extended additional awards for runners-up.

Thank you once again for your participation and engagement with EURASIP. The Association is run by volunteers and is a 'not for profit' organization. We, therefore, rely on the enthusiasm and energies of the members, like you. Please feel encouraged to get involved in activities, nominate awardees, organize a future EUSIPCO or a seasonal school, or contributing towards whatever and wherever your enthusiasm leads you. Should you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In closing, let me remind you that the next EUSIPCO is taking place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, August 24-28, 2020. The Call for Papers and more detailed information is available at I very much look forward to welcoming you to EUSIPCO 2020.

With best regards,
Patrick A. Naylor
President, EURASIP
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EURASIP Awards: 2nd Call Society Award Nominations
Each year, EURASIP recognizes technical and professional achievements through its celebrated EURASIP Awards Program. As part of the organization’s overall mission to advance signal processing as a science and a profession, EURASIP’s Board of Directors annually evaluates the contributions of candidates for various awards that span a spectrum of professional and technological accomplishments.

EURASIP Members are invited to nominate candidates for EURASIP Society Awards that fall into the following categories:

  • Technical Achievement Award
  • Group Technical Achievement Award
  • Meritorious Service Award
  • Athanasios Papoulis Award
  • Early Career Award

  • For additional information on the scope and criteria for these awards, please visit the EURASIP website at The website also gives details of the nomination process and copies of the nomination forms can be downloaded. A listing of previous award recipients with their award citations is also available on the EURASIP Awards webpage.

    Please submit nominations to the EURASIP Awards Director, Kostas Berberidis, by e-mail. The deadline for nominations is December 31, 2019.

    We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues and peers.

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    New Associate Editors for EURASIP-SpringerOpen Journals
    EURASIP maintains a portfolio of seven Open Access journals published by SpringerOpen, and can only do so thanks to the excellent management by the seven Editors-in-Chief and the strong commitment of over 300 Associate Editors. We are therefore delighted to announce the appointment of 26 new Associate Editors for the EURASIP journals published by SpringerOpen.
    EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking Affiliation
    Chengchao Liang Carleton University (Canada)
    Dinh-Thuan Do WICOM Lab (Vietnam)
    Lukas Landau Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)
    M. Alam Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (China)
    Mohammad Reza Javan Shahrood University (Iran)
    Wen-Long Chin National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan)
    Xiaochun Cheng Middlesex University (UK)
    Yi Zhong Huazhong University of Science and Technology (China)
    Yue Cao Microsoft Research Asia
    EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing Affiliation
    Christine Evers Imperial College London (UK)
    Daniele Giacobello Sonos (USA)
    Wenwu Wang University of Surrey (UK)
    EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing Affiliation
    Thomas Maugey INRIA (France)
    EURASIP Journal on Information Security Affiliation
    Xiaochun Cheng Middlesex University (UK)
    Kaitai Liang University of Surrey (UK)
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    Calendar of EURASIP Co-Sponsored Events
    Event organizers who wish to apply for EURASIP co-sponsorship should send an e-mail to the EURASIP Director for Technical Programs and Membership, containing the following information: (1) Name of the conference/workshop, (2) Place and dates, (3) Previous editions of the conference/workshop, (4) Previous co-sponsorship, (5) Expected number of attendees, (6) Names of plenary speakers, (7) A rationale as to why EURASIP should sponsor the conference/workshop.
    Reports of past EURASIP co-sponsored events can be found on the 'Past Conferences' webpage.
    Name & Link Date Location
    ICPRAM 2020, 9th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods
    (Paper submission deadline: Oct. 4, 2019)
    Feb. 22-24, 2020 Valletta, Malta
    BIOSIGNALS 2020, 13th International Conference on Bio-inspired Systems and Signal Processing
    (Paper submission deadline: Oct. 4, 2019)
    Feb. 24-26, 2020 Valletta, Malta
    ICISP 2020, 9th International Conference on Image and Signal Processing
    (Paper submission deadline: Jan. 12, 2020)
    Jun. 4-6, 2020 Marrakech, Morocco
    EUSIPCO 2020, 28th European Signal Processing Conference
    (Paper submission deadline: Feb. 21, 2020)
    Aug. 24-28, 2020 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    2020 IEEE Radar Confernce , Renaissance meets advancing technology
    (Paper submission deadline: Mar. 30, 2020)
    Sep. 21-25, 2020 Florence, Italy
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    EURASIP Seasonal Schools

    The EURASIP BoD welcomes proposals from prospective organizers of seasonal schools. For more information, click here.
    Name & Link Date Location
    HARMONIC and MULTIFRACTAL ANALYSES: From Mathematics to Quantitative Neurosciences June 29 to July 17, 2020 (3x 5 days) CRM Labs, PhysNum, Montreal
    Reports of past EURASIP Seasonal Schools can be found on the Seasonal Schools webpage.
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    Open Special Issues of EURASIP Journals
    If you are interested in organizing a special issue in one of the EURASIP journals, please contact the Editor-in-Chief of the journal.
    Signal Processing: Image Communication Deadline
    Computational Image Editing
    Jan. 15, 2020
    Visual Information Processing for Underwater Images and Videos: Theories, Algorithms, and Applications
    May. 1, 2020
    EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing Deadline
    Recent advances and applications of time-frequency signal analysis Oct. 15, 2019
    Biomedical Informatics with Optimization and Machine Learning 2019 Dec. 31, 2019
    EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking Deadline
    Physical Layer Security Solutions for 5G-and-Beyond Nov. 1, 2019
    Advanced Networking Technologies for Next Generation Wireless Networks Nov. 15, 2019
    New application domains for the cognitive-based solutions in the context of 5G and beyond Dec. 6, 2019
    Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methods for Wireless Network Applications Dec. 31, 2019
    Green Communication for Heterogeneous Internet of Things Dec. 31, 2019
    Distributed Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Heterogeneous Edge Computing Feb. 28, 2020
    Networking, Caching and Computation Issues in UAV-Enabled B5G Wireless Communication May 5, 2020
    EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing Deadline
    Advances in Audio Signal Processing for Robots and Drones Dec. 1, 2019
    EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing Deadline
    New Advances on Intelligent Multimedia Hiding and Forensics Apr. 30, 2020
    EURASIP Journal on Information Security Deadline
    Security in Embedded Systems Jan. 15, 2020
    Facing emerging challenges in multimedia forensics Apr. 30, 2020
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    Recently submitted Ph.D. Theses in EURASIP Library
    Author Title & Link University Supervisors Publication Year
    Quentin Bodinier Coexistence of Communication Systems Based on Enhanced Multi-Carrier Waveforms with Legacy OFDM Networks Université of Rennes 1 and CentraleSupélec Faouzi Bader and Jacques Palicot 2017
    Hussein CHOUR Full-Duplex Device-to-Device Communication for 5G Network Centrale Supélec and Université Libanaise Faouzi Bader, Oussama Bazzi, and Youssef Nasser 2019
    Piccinni, Ornella Juliana An enhanced sensitivity procedure for continuous gravitational wave detection: targeting the Galactic Center Sapienza University, INFN Roma1 Frasca Sergio 2018
    William Wilkinson Gaussian Process Modelling for Audio Signals Queen Mary University of London William Wilkinson 2019
    Fjolla Ademaj Spatial Consistency of 3D Channel Models TU Wien Markus Rupp 2019
    Cassani, Raymundo Towards an Automated Portable Electroencephalography-based System for Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis Université du Québec, Institut national de la recherche scientifique Tiago Falk 2018
    Vervliet, Nico Compressed sensing approaches to large-scale tensor decompositions KU Leuven Lieven De Lathauwer 2018
    Sulis Sophia Statistical methods using hydrodynamic simulations of stellar atmospheres for detecting exoplanets in radial velocity data Université Côte d’Azur David Mary, Lionel Bigot 2017
    Li, Qiuwei Convex and Nonconvex Optimization Geometries Colorado School of Mines Gongguo Tang 2019
    LI, ANG Multiple-Antenna Systems: From Generic to Hardware-Informed Precoding Designs University College London Christos Masouros 2019
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    Job Posts
    EURASIP encourages employers to post open research positions in Signal Processing on the EURASIP Job Site.
    Open positions will be continuously accessible online and will be advertised monthly in the EURASIP Newsletter.
    Open Positions Institution Location Closing Date
    PhD Studentships in Signal Processing Techniques Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Nov. 25, 2019
    PhD Scholarships in Signal Processing for Wireless Communications Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Nov. 25, 2019
    Research Associate or Postdoc "Crossmodal Processing of Audio-Visual Signals" Signal Processing (SP), Universität Hamburg Hamburg, Germany Nov. 30, 2019
    PhD position "Phase Retrieval in Imaging and Speech Enhancement Signal Processing (SP), Universität Hamburg Hamburg, Germany Nov. 30, 2019
    ERC-funded PhD research position in acoustic signal processing KU Leuven Leuven, Belgium Dec. 1, 2019
    Three postdoctoral research positions in STADIUS Center for Dynamical Systems, Signal Processing and Data Analytics KU Leuven Leuven, Belgium Dec. 31, 2019
    Postdoc in image processing / video surveillance EURECOM Sophia Antipolis Biot, Alpes-Maritimes, France Jan. 1, 2020
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