The European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP) was founded in 1978 with the purpose / objective of improving communication between groups and individuals that work within the multidisciplinary field of signal processing in Europe and elsewhere, exchanging and disseminating information in the field of signal processing, and furthering the efforts of researchers by providing a learned and professional platform for dissemination and discussion of all aspects of signal processing, without aiming at generating profit or any other material advantage whatsoever.

In 2006, EURASIP was established as a non-profit organization under Belgian law (“vereniging zonder winstoogmerk (VZW)”, registration number 0885.447.771) having its registered office in Belgium. EURASIP VZW is hence a legal entity, as outlined in its statutes, and is represented by its so-called General Assembly. The General Assembly is a group of individuals (mostly founding members and former Directors) that oversee the decisions and actions of the BoD (see below), approves the annual account and budget, appoints Directors, and discharges Directors from liability.

The general governance of the Association is in the hands of the Board of Directors (BoD), that is composed of 7 voting and 1 non-voting (Past-President) Directors. The Directors are appointed by the General Assembly after an indicate vote by the EURASIP Members. Directors typically serve a 3-year term that is once renewable. The BoD is headed by the EURASIP President, who is appointed by the BoD for a non-renewable 3-year term. The day-to-day governance of the Association is managed by the Executive Committee, consisting of the EURASIP President, the EURASIP Director for Finances and Operations, and the EURASIP Office Manager.