The European Association for Signal Processing, its Members, Directors and Officers uphold a professional ethics policy of universal high standing.

Personal Respect

  • All persons should be treated fairly and without discrimination based on factors such as gender, nationality or race or religion, any aspects of disability or age, any aspects of sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • No person should suffer injury personally, or to their property. The safety, health, and welfare of the membership and the general public should be protected and any potential dangers reported in a timely way to the proper authorities.

Professional Respect

  • The scientific claims of the membership must be honest and realistic in the context of evidence and representative data.
  • Members should only offer advice or undertake tasks for others within the limitations of their experience and qualifications.
  • Members should ask for and receive honest criticism of their technical work, and be willing to amend any proven errors.
  • Members should abide by professional practices for properly crediting the scientific contributions of other people, including avoiding all aspects of plagiarism.
  • Bribery in any form must be rejected.
  • No person should suffer damage to their reputation by false or malicious action of others.
  • If conflicts of interest arise, or might arise, these should be disclosed to the affected parties in a timely way and avoided.